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News and updates about Omar Khayyám, the Rubáiyát and pertaining matters

Saturday, 16. October 2021 - 21:05 hours
The Confluence of wisdom ...

A recent book was published by Mostafa Vaziri:

The Confluence of Wisdom Along the Silk Road. Omar Khayyam’s Transformative Poetry. Mostafa Vaziri. [S.l.] : Vernon Press, 2021. 208 p. ISBN: 9781648893162.

Saturday, 16. October 2021 - 21:02 hours
Concordance database

A quatrains database is constructed of the verses from the Bodleian MS., as translated by Edward Heron-Allen, showing direct links to corresponding translations.

The database contains Heron-Allen's version of the Boldleian quatrains, and the corresponding quatrains of a number of other translations and editions.

Each quatrain is presented as a separate record, with a unique ID, showing the text and reference codes for all other corresponding quatrains.

The records include the text of the quatrain, the name of the translator, language and the ID's of the related quatrains. Clicking on an ID-code under the 'Related' head shows the related quatrains in a pop-up window.
This window then shows the ID of that quatrain, the text, the translator's name and the reference codes of the other related verses.

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