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Ouseley, G. [1846]

(From Omar Kheiam). Gore Ouseley
In: Biographical notices of Persian poets. With critical and explanatory remarks by Gore Ouseley. London: Paris, Allen & Co. ; Duprat, 1846.
Potter 559

(From Omar Kheiam)

" I saw a potter in the market place, who
" incessantly stamped upon a piece of fresh clay
" that he might fashion it into a vessel, when
" the clay raised its voice and said, 'I, too, was
" once a man like thee, therefore be gentle with me'.

" My inclination leads me constantly to the
" enjoyment of pure wine, my ears are always
" filled with the soft tones of the flute and harp.
" When turned to clay and fashioned into a jar
" by the potters, O that the jar be for ever
" filled with pure wine!"