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Calderisi. 2012

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam by Edward FitzGerald. Performed by David Calderisi. Music by Kousha Nakhaei. Toronto, Calderisi, 2012. ISBN: 061297334438

Canadian actor David Calderisi has produced a CD of his Rubáiyát performance, with music by Kousha Nakhaei on the kamancheh, a traditional Persian stringed instrument. The presentation tells the story of how the poem came to be written; and what it went on to become — the most widely-published poem in the English language. Then follows a performance of the poem in the character of the old Persian sage, speaking to his young lover, in a secluded place, on the first day of Spring, almost a thousand years ago. A selection from the five authorized versions chosen for the listener.
Together with the CD comes a handsome booklet containing the text. It can be ordered from Calderisi’s website: http://www.okdac.net/. Price: $ 15.00 CND plus handling and shipping.