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Teimourian, Hazhir

Omar Khayyam: Poet, Rebel, Astronomer. Hazhir Teimourian. Stroud, Sutton, 2007. xiv, 365 p. Illustrated. ISBN: 978-0750947152


This book claims to be detailed study of Khayyám's life and world. It tells how Khayyám was persecuted for his philosophical beliefs and rebellious poems, how the two rival worlds of Christianity and Islam slowly moved towards their most violent embrace. It also tells the story of the Rubaiyat and gives a new translation of fifty quatrains, including FitzGerald's first version.


Prologue – Four True Graveside Stories
1. The Fire Temples of Nishápur (1048–67)
2. The Libraries of Samarkand (1068–72)
3. The Throne Room of Bukhara (1072–73)
4. The Palaces of Isfahan (1073–77)
5. The Boy Triumphs (1077–79)
6. The Vizier Regrets (1079–84)
7. The Shah Applauds (1085–89)
8. The Assassin Stalks (1090–92)
9. The Queen Turns (1092–93)
10. The Pilgrim of Babel (1093–94)
11. The Recluse of Nishápur (1094–1108)
12. The Sage of Khorásán (1108–31)
Epilogue – The Story of the Rubáiyát
Appendix I – The Rubáiyát: A New Translation
Appendix II – The FitzGerald Translation of 1859
Appendix III – Omar the Greek
Appendix IV – Khayyám’s Mathematics and Other Writings
Principal Characters
Family Tree of the Saljuq Royal House
Map of the Saljuq Empire at the Time of Malik-Shah’s death
Selected bibliography