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Nakhae´, Bentolhoda

Analyse critique des transformations stylistiques dans les traductions des XIXe et XXe siècles des Robâïât d’Omar Khayyám. Exploration des quatrains communs chez FitzGerald, Arberry, Nicolas et Lazard. Bentolhoda Nakhaeï. Paris, 2016.
[Thèse de doctorat en Études anglophones]

This thesis aims to carry out a meticulous analysis of the transformation of form and meaning in the rendition of the Rubáiyát in four significant 19th and 20th-century translations—two in English and two in French. The translators of the selected translations are Edward FitzGerald, Arthur John Arberry, Jean-Baptiste Nicolas, and Gilbert Lazard. The translations produced by these translators have offered opportunities of investigation within linguistic boundaries. In fact, one may wonder if the translators have transformed the meaning and the form of the Persian quatrains.