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Forrest, Bob

Edward Heron-Allen: a walk on the wild side. Bob Forrest. Manchester : [Bob Forrest], 2018. Part 1: 37 pages, 30 cm. Part 2: 11 pages of plates, 9 pages; 30 cm.

Heron-Allen’s work on the Rubaiyat is only one element in a life that had many dimensions. He was a polymath whose interests and expertise included violin making, palmistry, psychic research, protozoa, and more. He was also an author of fiction which, as the Heron-Allen Society puts it, ‘dealt with various sexual taboos’ of the time, including homosexuality. Bob Forrest has recently been following up this aspect of Heron-Allen’s legacy, drawing attention to inconsistencies between the author’s writings and his public views as expressed particularly in the context of the version of the Rubaiyat published by Frederick Baron Corvo in 1924.

Online available in the Notes and Queries Index