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Dashti, Ali

In search of Omar Khayyam. Ali Dashti. Translated from the Persian by L.P. Elwell-Sutton. London, Allen & Unwin, 1971. ISBN: 0048910420 (Persian studies monographs; 1). Reprinted by Routledge, 2011.


Introduction. Note on Transliteration. Preface to the Persian Second Edition. Part 1: In Search of Khayyam 1. Khayyam as Poet 2. Khayyam as Seen by his Contemporaries 3. Meanness or Common Sense? 4. Hero or Martyr? 5. A Dispute with a Prince 6. Khayyam from his own Writings 7. Khayyam and Sufism 8. Khayyam and Isma'ilism Part 2: In Search of the Quatrains 1. The Key Quatrains 2. The Axis of Life and Death 3. Khayyam's Literary Style 4. Khayyam and his Imitators 5. Khayyam's Wine-Poetry 6. Khayyam as Seen by the West 7. The Selected Quatrains 8. Some Khayyam-like Quatrains Part 3: Random Thoughts 1. 'Whence we have come, and whither do we go?' 2. 'If it was bad, whose was the fault but His?' 3. 'A tiny gnat appears - and disappears' 4. 'The Withered Tulip Never Blooms Again' 5. 'Whether this Breath I take will be My Last.' Appendix I: Biographical Notes. Appendix II: Glossary of Technical Terms. Bibliography. Index.