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Behbahani, Sayyed Mohammad Karimi

A target-oriented approach to two different English translations of Omar Khayyam’s quatrains. Sayyed Mohammad Karimi Behbahani. Pune, University of Pune, 2008.


The present study is an attempt to read and compare two different English translations of Omar Khayyam’s Quatrains in the light of a Target-oriented Approach. The two selected translations are Edward Fitzgerald’s Translation and Peter Avery & John Heath- Stubbs’ Translation. The major intention beyond this research is to conduct a unified and comprehensive study of the mentioned translations based on Gideon Toury’s DTS (Descriptive Translation Studies). This research is composed in five chapters, an Introduction and an Appendix, a brief sketch of each is to be presented: In the Introduction, the researcher provides justifications for research, particularly Target- Oriented research, in Translation Studies. The emerging need for interdisciplinary studies in the English departments is also emphasized. The objectives and the methodology of the research are provided in the Introduction.