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Batson, H.M. [et al.] (eds.)

The Ruba'iyat of Omar Khayyam. Translated by Edward FitzGerald. With a commentary by H.M. Batson and a biographical introduction by E.D. Ross. London, British Library, Historical Print Editions, 2011.
Reprint of the edition published in 1900.

[i] Fly-title; [iii] Title; [iv] Imprint: - ...; [v] Dedication To M.F. B. and M.I. B.; vii-x Preface; [xii] Contents; [1] Fly-title; [3] and 4 Prefatory note; 5-37 Historical sketch; 38-76 Omar Khayyám; 77-91 Edward FitzGerald; 93 Fly-title; [95]-120 Text of fifthe ed.; [121] Fly-title; [123]-283 Commentary on the text.