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Baillargeon, Normand

Le roman de Khayyam. Normand Baiilargeon. Montréal, Poètes de Brousse, 2016. 84 pp. ISBN: 9782923338941.

A book born out of passion, regret and indignation, as the author explains. Passion for the immense and important work of Omar Khayyam that developed for more than thirty years, above all to his Rubaiyat. Regret for the rich and fertile civilization in which Khayyam was able to create this work which did not keep his promises, as the Muslim world, which had at that time such a considerable advance on the Western world, has since been, in too many places, frozen, fossilized, petrified. Indignation that one may feel in the face of racism against Arabs and Muslims, which, among all racisms, is now the only one that does not immediately provoke repugnance, as might be expected.