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Aminrazavi, Mehdi

The wine of wisdom. The life, poetry and philosophy of Omar Khayyam. Mehdi Aminrazavi. Oxford, Oneworld Publishing, 2005. 396 p. ISBN: 1-85168-355-0.


The intoxicating message of Khayyam’s famous Ruba‘iyyat created an image of exotic Orientalism in the West but, as author Mehdi Aminrazavi reveals, Khayyam’s achievements went far beyond the intoxicating message within these verses. Philosopher, mathematician, scientist, and mystic – his many different identities are examined here in detail, creating a coherent picture of this complex and often misunderstood figure.


1. Khayyam's life and works
2. Reconstructing a tarnished image: Omar Khayyam according to his contemporaries and biographers
3. Khayyam within the intellectual context of his time
4. The Ruba'iyyat
5. Khayyam and sufism
6. Khayyam's philosophical thought
7. Khayyam the scientist
8. Khayyam in the west
Appendix A: Translations of the philosophical treatises
Appendix B: The Ruba'iyyat - Edward FitzGerald's translation
Appendix C: Arabic poems of Omar Khayyam