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Struik, D.J.

Omar Khayyam, Mathematician. D.J. Struik.
The Mathematics Teacher, 51 (1958) 4, pp. 280-285.

Not all the admirers of the Rubáiyát are aware that their author, Abu-l-Fath Omar ibn Ibra him Khayyam, of Nishapur in present North Iran, was also a distinguished philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician. As a philosopher, he was a follower of Aristotle, whom he interpreted with a keen rationalism; as an astronomer, he composed a calendar more accurate than that proposed centuries later by Pope Gregory XIII and now adopted by most people. Omar's mathematics has been brought closer to the English-reading world by the Kasir translation of his Algebra, published in 1931, although a French translation by Woepcke has ex isted since 1851.