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Malek, Manu

Hakeem Omar Khayyam. Philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and poet. Manu Malek. 2008.

Ghias-ud-din Abulfath Omar-ebn-Ebraheem, popularly known as Omar Khayyam, is a prominent Iranian (Persian) philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and poet. He had a command of all the sciences and knowledge of his time; thus the title of Hakeem (sage, learned). The majority of his scientific work was written in Arabic which was the scientific language during his time, but his sublime poetry, known as Robaiyat, and some of his philosophical essays were written in Persian (Farsi), his native language.
Malek compares quatrains from FitzGerald's translations with a literal version and a version by Horace Thorner.