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Gray, Erik

FitzGerald and the Rubaiyat, in and out of time. Erik Gray.
Victorian Poetry, 46 (2008), nr 1, p. 1-14.

This issue of Victorian Poetry commemorates a double anniversary: March 31, 2009 marks both the bicentennial of the birth of Edward FitzGerald and the sesquicentennial of his Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, which was published (give or take a few days) on the poet's fiftieth birthday. (1) It is quite fitting that we should celebrate this occasion and at the same time quite ironic. FitzGerald's poem, after all, seeks to do away with commemoration, and even with time itself: it enjoins the reader to think only of today, abjuring all consideration of past and future. FitzGerald himself,...