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Ghafouripour, Sonia; Eslamieh, Razieh

A translation quality assessment of two English translations of Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam based on Juliane House's Model (1997). Sonia Ghafouripour; Razieh Eslamieh
International Journal of English language & translation studies, 6 (2018) 2, pp. 217–226

Abstract: Translation Quality Assessment (TQA) is a fast-growing sub-field of Translation Studies. It focuses on the relationship between the texts translated from ST into TT. This study applied House's (1997) TQA model to English translations of Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, in order to evaluate the quality of these translations. It was found out that both translators have successfully translated Khayyam's poetry. However, the first translation by Saeed Saeedpour (2012) has fewer errors (68 errors) in comparison with second translation (95 errors) by Edward Fitzgerald (1859), as a conclusion, ST native speaker could master the implications better, so he could translate better than the TT native speakers.

Keywords: comparison; quality assessment; translating; translation theory

Online available at: http://www.eltsjournal.org/archive/value6%20issue2/24-6-2-18.pdf