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Ghadami, Fatemeh ... [et al.]

Towards a comparative analysis of the styles of Abu Al-Ala Ma'arri and Khayyam. Fatemeh Ghadami, Mohammad Hassan Masoomi; Mohammad Jannatifar
Research Journal of English Language and Literarture, 5 (2017) 1 (Jan-Mar), pp. 315-320.

Abu alAlaMa’arri the Arab poet, scholar and philosopher and Khayyam Neishaboori the Iranian poet, philosopher and scientist are the ones who have mentioned about death in their poems. According to them various conceptions, whether positive or negative, are available about the death that are rooted in philosophy of creation and life. Therefore, having an accurate concept and making a deep relation between life and death is not possible without life philosophy. This paper beside studying and analyzing the beliefs and thoughts of two above mentioned poets, aims to have a comparative analysis toward the styles of them and find similarities and differences between them.

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