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Buali, Zahra; Ebrahimi, Behrouz

The tradition of Translating the Rubaiyat of Khayyam - An Approach to Culture Specific Terms. Zahra Buali, Behrouz Ebrahimi.
TranslationDirectory.com, (2008), nr. 1547.

As the linguists and the translators argue, there are some words- calling culture specific terms which are rooted in the culture of any nation and country. Since there are often so many culture specific terms in poems, translating these terms and transferring them from one language to another one having two different cultures is a difficult process. Transferring of culture specific terms from one culture to another and understanding them by the target audience in the target culture is dependent on having familiarity with the source culture and traditions.

Customs and tradition are part of a culture. Beliefs and feelings change from culture to culture. Religious elements, myths, legends, and the like are major components of any culture. They present major hurdles in translating a text. This sensitive issue demands the translator's full attention.

Translation of literature interrelates with the characteristics and representation of a nation or a special group. Post colonialists believe that the image created by the translation would gradually take the position of reality in the mind of its recipients, although it might be in spite of reality. It means that, those nation or special group comprehend themselves as it has been imaged by the translations. Consequently, they would own the same characteristics that the translation has created.