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Baghfalaki, Mahdi; Mahmoudibaha, Zeinab

Omar FitzGerald's Rubaiyat. A panacea for Victorian era. Mahdi Baghfalaki; Zeinab Mahmoudibaha.
New Academia: An International Journal of English Language, Literature and Literary Theory, 4 (2015) 1, pp. 92–98.

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, often called ―the single best-selling book of poetry ever to appear in English‖, was an outlet relief for Victorian era and a source of inspiration for the major Victorian poets as well. Why should this be so? Why should an obscure dilettante's translation of the quatrains of a minor Persian poet have gone more or less straight to the reading public's heart and stayed there for a hundred years or so? This paper is an attempt to analyze the reasons beyond the success of Edward Fitzgerald‘s The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyamin Victorian era. The researchers are of opinion that thespirit of the Victorian age, universality of Khayyam‘s themes, Fitzgerald‘s character and his appropriate background and the transmogrification or English incarnation of The Rubaiyat by Fitzgerald were of the main reasons for the overwhelming success and the extraordinary popularity of this literary work in Europe.