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Ayati, Akram

La thématique de la mort chez Khayyâm et Gautier. Akram Ayati.
Plume 7 (2012) 15, pp. 45–69.

Thinking of the death occupied, for a long time, the spirit of the human being and it changed constantly the image of his life. The death is registered in the depths of us, as an inseparable certainty of our destiny, however thinking the death is already thinking about life, because it is the perception of the death that forms the way of life. The theme of the death and its connotations impose in a privileged way, in Theophile Gautier's poems, writer and poet French of the 19th century. The reading of these poems with a touch pessimistic revives Omar Khayyam’s quatrains in the minds which are familiar with Persian poetry. This present article tries, by a comparative approach to identify the extent and modality of the presence of this motif in both poets and see how the obsession with death, deep pain of human destiny, the absolute despair of the inexorable passage of time and the unspeakable disgust of the dissolution of things and bodies have disrupted the spirit of both poets. This paper studies the way of escape the constant state of suffering which the system of thought of each imposes him: to live in the moment or get beyond the moment, both of them have only one purpose: to conquer time.