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Ismael Enrique Arciniegas

Los Rubayata. Omar Khayyam. Traducción Ismael Enrique Arciniegas y V.M. Londoño. In: Suplemento de "El nuevo Tiempo", Bogotá, 20 de Octobre 1912.
75 quatrains.

PDF [2.517 KB]

Jose Castellot

Rubaiyat de Omar Khayyam. Traduccion por Jose Castellot. Prologo por Jose Juan Tablada. New York, [s.n.], 1918

101 quatrains in Spanish, followed by FitzGerald's fourth edition in English. With introduction, biography and notes.

Contents: Omar Khayyam (p. 9); Rubaiyat de Omar Khayyam (p.25); Biografia de Omar Khayyam (p. 71); Notas (p. 89)

Juan Dublan

"Ruba'iyyat" de Omar Khayyam. Traducidos en verso castellano de la version inglesa de Eduardo FitzGerald por Juan Dublan. Mexico, Carranza y comp., 1904.78 p.

101 quatrains, with introduction and notes. Printed on one side of double leaves folded once in Japanese style.