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Bodenstedt, Friedrich [1881]

In his times Friedrich Bodenstedt (1819-1892) was known before anything else by his collection "Die Lieder des Mirza Schaffy" (1851), which were strongly influenced by a stay in Tblisi. The little book was reprinted more than 150 times. A Dutch version was published in 1875 by A.Th. van Krieken.

In 1880 Bodenstedt published an introduction on Omar Khayyám in "Kunst und Leben, ein neuer Almanach für das Deutsche Haus", that was also included in his translation of the Rubíayát. The "Lieder und Sprüche" counts no less than 467 verses, arranged in ten chapters. Bodenstedts Lieder were reprinted a number of times.

Die Lieder und Sprüche des Omar Chajjâm. Verdeutscht von Friedrich Bodenstedt. Breslau, Schletter'sche Buchhandlung (E. Franck), 1881. xxii, 217 p.

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