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Bethge, Hans [1921]

Though Hans Bethge (1876-1946) made his literary appearance with original work, he owes his popularity to his translations and adaptations of oriental poetry. Some of these popular titles are 'Die chinesische Flöte' (1907), 'Hafis' (1910), 'Japanischer Frühling' (1911), 'Arabische Nächte' (1912), 'Das türkische Liederbuch' (1913), 'Die indische Harfe' (1913), 'Pfirsischblüten aus China' (1920) and 'Omar Khayam' (1921).

A second edition of his translation of Khayyam appeared in 1962 (Verlag Wilh. C. Rübsamen) and more recently a new selection was published by YinYang Media Verlag, in 2003

Rudolf Richard Klein composed music for violin, piano and soprano, based on selections from Bethge's Omar Khayam. In fact, Bethge's poetry inspired more than a hundred composers, among whom Gustav Mahler, Arnold Schönberg and Julius Röntgen.

For more information on Hans Bethge, go to the special YinYang Media Verlag website: http://www.yinyang-verlag.de/HansBethge.htm

Omar Khayam. Nachdichtungen. Hans Bethge. Berlin, Propyläen Verlag, 1921. 154 p.

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