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Nicolas, J.-B. [1867]

Before J.B. Nicolas (1814-1875) published his bilingual edition of "Les quatrains", a selection of fifty quatrains had appeared, issued by Duprat, Paris, 1863, as a reprint of an article in the 'Révue de l'Orient, de l'Algérie et des Colonies'. In 1867 followed the important French-Persian edition of 464 quatrains, a work that has often served as a source for other translations as well as for continuous disagreements regarding the interpretation of the quatrains.
"Les quatrains" have been reissued in France many times. They were also included in many so called multivariorum editions, such as "The sufistic quatrains of Omar Khayyam" (Dunne, 1903), or in the Persian polyglot editions

Les quatrains de Khèyam. Traduits du persan par J.B. Nicolas. Paris, L'Imprimerie Impériale, 1867.

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