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H.M. Cadell - 1899

Mrs. H.M. Cadell (Jessie E. Nash, 1844-1884) was the first woman to translate the Rubáiyát, and since then only a few ladies followed her example. To Jessie Cadell the version by Edward FitzGerald was a poem on Omar, rather than a translation. She also rejected the translation as inaccurate, which, in her eyes, leads the non-expert reader to view all kinds of obscurities in an old Persian poet that he can interprete to his own liking and hold the results thereof for pearls of oriental philosophy.
Health conditions were a continous battle for Mrs. Cadell. She died in Florence at the age of thirty-nine.

The Ruba'yat of Omar Khayam. Translated by H.M. Cadell. With an introduction by Richard Garnett. London ; New York, John Lane, The Bodley Head, 1899. xxx, 52 p.

PDF at archive.org

The text of the introduction by Richard Garnett, and of the quatrains, read by Amy Gramour, is recorded for LibriVox.
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