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Baron Corvo - 1903

Baron Corvo was one of the many pseudonyms of the English writer, artist, photographer and eccentric Frederick William Rolfe (1860 - 1913). Among his many works there is a translation in prose of the Rubáiyát, based on the edition of J.B. Nicolas, with an introduction by N. H. Dole.
This edition was reissued in 1924, with an introduction by E. Heron-Allen and with illustrations by Hamzell Karr.

The Rubaiyat of Umar Khaiyam. Done into English from the French of J.B. Nicolas by Frederick Baron Corvo together with a reprint of the French text. With an introduction by Nathan Haskell Dole. London ; New York, John Lane The Bodley Head, 1903. [iv]+xiv+[248] pp.
PDF (archive.org)

The Rubáiyát of 'Umar Khaiyám. Translated from the French of J.B. Nicolas by Frederick Corvo together with a reprint from the French text. Edited with notes and a comparative study of the original texts, and an introduction by Edward Heron-Allen. With sixteen illustrations in colour by Hamzeh Car. London, John Lane The Bodley Head Limited, 1924. xlviii+194 pp.