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Wiklund, Nils (author)

De svenska översättningarna av Omar Khayyam. Nils Wiklund. Furulund, Alhambra Förlag, 2017. 142 pp. ISBN: 9789187771248. (Alhambras PocketEncyklopedi)

Wiklund reviews and discusses a number of Swedish translations of the rubáyát. In the first part of his book we read about the authors and their translations based on Edward FitzGerald's version: A.G. Damm (1910), S. Selander (1919), O. Thorvald (1948) and F. Heller (1912). The second part deals with translations directly from the Persian by authors such as F. Hashabeiky, B. Utas, A. Golrang and S.C. Swahn (2007) and E. Hermelin (1928). The quatrains by Hashabeiky (19 qs.) and Utas (15 qs.) are included in two appendices; these have not been published as separate publications. Heller's verses appeared in a novel "Yussuf Khan's giftermål" (1916)