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Saleh Al-Gurg, Mohammad

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Persian, Arabic, English, French. Translated from Persian by Mohammad Saleh Al-Gurg. [Introductions by Yousuf Hussein Bakkar, Hossein Sadighi and Abolgassem Etessam Zadeh]. Beyrouth, Dar Al-Manahel, 2008. 16, 272 p. ISBN: 9789953448534.

Large, hardboard covers with dust jacket. Front and back covers and spine with title and borders in gold. Printed on heavy paper, text within decorative, floral borders. Introductory texts in English and French. Also with prefatory texts in Arabic.
Verses from E.H. Whinfield (38), A.G. Etessam-Zadeh (150), Peter Avery and John Heath-Stubbs (12), J.B. Nicolas (16), Friedrich Rosen (114), Hossein Sadeghi (42), A.J. Arberry (4), V. Mansour-Monteil (2), Ahmad Saidi (3), Frederick Baron Corvo (6), A. Christensen (3), Parichehr Kasra (2), Edward Herbert Allen (sic) (3), E. FitzGerald (4), Ch. Grolleau (1).