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Hedayat, Sadegh

The Roba'iyat of Omar Khayyam = Les Quatrains d'Omar Khayyâm = Die Vierzeiler von Omar Khayyâm. Berlin, epubli, 2011.
152 p. ISBN 9783844214598.

Illustrated by Naghi Naghachian. Hard cover. Ill. on front cover. Printed on heavy paper. Decorated throughout.
The selections are taken from translations by Avery and Heath-Stubbs and FitzGerald, from the German translation by Alavi and Remané, and the French translation by Mahdi Fouladvind. The Persian verses are selected from the edition by Sadegh Hedayat.

A selection from the work is available online at http://www.irandokht.com/images/Khayyam_English.pdf